Protect your home from the next blackout for $0 down!

Alternate Power Solutions can help you get battery backup, reduce your electricity bill and qualify for a New York State tax credit of up to $5,000 without you paying any upfront cost.

Power outages have increased dramatically in New York over the past five years. Protect your home and your family by keeping the critical circuits in your home powered with solar battery backup.

Utility rates on Long Island continue to rise. By adding solar, homeowners can take back control of their electricity payments and save thousands of dollars on electricity over the solar system's life.

New York wants to help homeowners make the switch to renewable energy. Homeowners who add solar and battery backup in New York can qualify for a tax credit of up to $5,000!

$0 Down Solar and Battery Backup
Reducing your electricity bill and protecting your family with battery backup doesn't have to be expensive. With our $0 down offering, you can add solar and battery backup to your home without paying anything upfront. Saving your family money and helping to keep them safe.

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Why Choose Alternate Power Solutions?

✓ Over 45 years of experience

✓ Trained and certified estimators and project managers

✓ Factory trained technicians

✓ Bonded and Insured

✓ Serving Long Island and the New York metro area

Alternate Power Solutions partners with Alchemy Solar

Suffolk County, NY, Mar. 3, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alternate Power Solutions, Long Island’s leading generator, and battery backup provider, has partnered with Alchemy Solar to provide homeowners on Long Island with solar and home backup solutions. Alchemy Solar is a renewable energy leader, helping the most reputable local contractors gain access to the tools, partnerships, and training to provide solar and battery backup to their customer base. By offering solar and battery backup, Alternate Power Solutions expands its leadership position by providing solar battery backup while also helping its customers save on their electricity bills.

As a result of the partnership, Alternate Power Solutions will have the ability to provide the industry’s best equipment from companies like LG, SolarEdge, and LG Chem and become a part of the Sunrun Affiliate Network. With these offerings, Alternate Power can provide $0 down solar and battery backup systems that allow Long Island homeowners to reduce electricity bills, get back up protection against power outages, all without paying anything out of pocket to make the switch.

“At Alternate Power Solutions, we have the solution for backup power as well as solar solutions.” said Heather, CEO at Alternate Power Solutions. “Being able to introduce a new solution to back up power is very exciting for us as a company.”

“Alternate Power Solutions has built one of the most forward-looking generator companies in the nation. Adding battery backup and solar to its product offerings ensures that Alternate Power Solutions leadership position only grows as the demand for renewable energy increases,” said Guthrie Raimondo, Co-Founder at Alchemy Solar. “At Alchemy Solar, we know that customers are going to look for solutions to protect themselves from the power outages and rate increases caused by our aging electricity grid. Alternate Power Solutions is the perfect partner because of its focus on innovation, product quality, and outstanding customer experience. We expect great things from our partnership with Alternate Power Solutions.”

For more information about going solar with Alchemy Solar or joining the Powered By Alchemy contractor network, please visit the Alchemy Solar website at

Why is electricity so expensive? Utility electricity costs are going up! What you can do about it?

For more information regarding this issue please visit the full article on Alchemy Solar website at

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